Your Favorite Dinosaurs Come to Life!

How to Play

  • Create Account
  • Card Registration
  • PET Feature
  • Battle Feature

Create Account

  1. Download Oriinokards App from Google Play Store for Android.
  2. To register, input your active email address following by your choosen password to play this game. Then click "Register".
  3. You can also register and login using your Facebook account.
     *Minimum Device Requirements:
     Android OS 4 & 5, Rear Camera, RAM 1 GB

Check the how to play video:

Card Registration

  1. To be able to play Oriinokards app, you need basic card to activate your dinosaur.
  2. After you have your card, you can activate your dinosaur from the menu "Manage" and then choose "Card Registration".
  3. Scan the QR Code at the back side of your card. Your dinosaur will be activated and available to play with.

PET Feature

  1. To use the PET feature, you need to register at least one Basic card. The dinosaur which you registered using the card will be available for you to play with.
  2. There are 3 status of mood that you will need to pay attention when playing with your dinosaur. These moods show if your dinosaur is having sickness, dirty or hungry.
  3. You can interact with your dinosaur such as give them vitamin, wash them or give them food to keep your dinosaur happy.

Battle Feature

  1. To use the Battle feature, you must need to register at least 1 Basic Card and have a supporting card which is named Battle Arena Card. Choose the Battle menu and scan your Battle Arena Card following with choose your dinosaur to go to the battle.
  2. You can only do the battle if you have enough energy.
  3. The fighting method uses in this battle is similar to Rock, Paper, Scissor game, but the difference is Oriinokards use action like Bite, Whip, Stomp instead.
  4. Bite win against Stomp, Stomp win againts Whip, and Whip win againts Bite.
  5. You will get points everytime you win a battle.
  6. You can also upgrade your dinosaur using the Action Card.